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Our ChasePro was developed over more than 3 years, dozens of prototypes were built and tested in real life. Again and again new materials were tested, the results were compared, the product was optimised. As a result, you get a Chasecam that simply works. Mount your GoPro or similar camera on it and enjoy the shake-free results! The video you see here was not stabilized in post!


Our ChasePro easily fits into any backpack, no matter how tightly packed. Despite its filigree appearance, it is extremely robust due to the use of nylon & carbon fibres and has already been on many air trips, hike & fly days and fully packed vehicles without any problems. The included carrying bag has the dimensions of 45 x 15cm and offers space for the complete Chasecam incl. line and camera.


Our Chasecam Pro is as safe as it is possible for any Chasecam. This is due to the fact that the stabilising and braking surface is much larger in relation to weight than other Chasecams. As a result, speed changes on the glider are immediately transferred to the Chasecam - we have never been able to provoke a dangerous "shooting" of the camera into the glider's lines.

In addition, a magnetic safety lock ensures that the ChasePro and the line are immediately released from the paraglider if, for example, the line or Chasecam gets caught on a tree.


Our Chasecam Pro weighs less than a bar of chocolate *. You won't notice it in your backpack, and because of the low weight it never builds up enough energy to fly into you or your lines with momentum.

* the ready to fly ChasePro incl. GoPro mounting bolt weighs only 63 grams, line and safety release an additional 29 grams. Together with the spool and the carrying bag, which can be used optionally, the total weight is only 115 grams.


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CHF 199.00
ready-to-fly ChasePro incl. line, magnetic safety release, bag, screw to mount the camera and printed manual. * incl. 7.7% VAT, is automatically deducted when shipping abroad.

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Line & safety-release
Carrying bag

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Of course you will receive this manual with your ChasePro – but you can also view it online right here.


Do you have questions about the product, shipping or need help setting up your ChasePro? We are happy to answer your questions via email, Instagram and Facebook.


You can use any action camera that has similar dimensions to the normal GoPro’s (3-9). The GoPro session also works. You simply need a GoPro screw connection.

For other cameras there is usually some adapter to the GoPro connection.

The ChasePro is ideally suited for paragliding and hanggliding/delta flying.

To further increase the safety of the ChasePro, you should only attach it to the paraglider using the magnetic fastener provided. This will release the connection from the glider to the line of the Chasecam at a pull of about 2.5kg.
This improves your safety if the Chasecam gets stuck on a tree during take-off or in flight.

It is also possible for the camera to come loose in flight after a wild manoeuvre – so please never fly over crowded areas!

We ship by standard shipping with the Swiss Post. Delivery takes a maximum of 1-2 weeks – but usually faster.

Sustainability is very important to us, as are fairness and transparency. We therefore make sure that our entire production process produces as little waste as possible, works as locally as possible and wherever possible only purchases materials that have the least possible impact on the environment.

In concrete terms this means for us:

  • Mesh fabric made in Germany, OEKO-TEX® Standard 100-certified (Brutsche)
  • Plastic parts from European 3D printing production (Shapeways)
  • Straps from German production (Stahl)
  • Line from German production (Edelrid)
  • Sewing work: Hungary
  • Final assembly: Switzerland
  • Shipping: cardboard sleeve from Switzerland, climate-neutral shipping through “pro clima”

The ChasePro is very robust despite its filigree appearance. Nevertheless, it is of course possible that something is damaged – but this does not make it a case for disposal!
The ChasePro is designed in such a way that every single part can be replaced without any problems. Therefore, we will send you the appropriate spare part for an expense allowance or repair the ChasePro on our premises if you prefer to send it to us.

We are so confident in our product that you can return the ChasePro within 7 days of receipt with no signs of use in the original packaging.
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