…your “lucky grip”!

Have you ever tried to grip the thin rescue handle of your harness with gloves? Maybe even with the warm, thick gloves for the long distance flight?

Then you will have noticed it too: Both feeling and gripping the handle takes way too much time – even in calm air and with a steady pulse. I wanted to solve this problem for myself.

This resulted in the “RescueBall” – a small ball made of plastic, which can be mounted to the handle in a few seconds.

This has 2 advantages:

  1. you can “feel” the position of the handle in an emergency much faster
  2. the slightly increased distance between the harness and the emergency parachute handle makes it much easier to grip.

Since many have asked me for this and are now flying with it, I am now happy to offer it here in the store.

Please contact me if your harness is not listed! I will gladly adapt the RescueBall and include the new variant in the program.

CHF 18.00

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